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Excerpt from an article about Herzen:


Down the Unassuming River of Time

You can think and feel profoundly – those are
the biggest gifts that one may have.
(Victor Hugo — to A.I Herzen, 1860)

"...There were times, and there were people, rich and famous, yet perfectly normal in trivial pursuits of life. At first glance, they may appear polished and even glorified. In fact, they could have been mean or kind, lonely or flamboyant and even hard to describe according to common standards, because their life style was either extravagant or peculiar. Take, for example, this particular story about Alexander Herzen and his two wives. Frank Wedekind  in his book «Die Tagebücher. Ein erotisches Leben», published in 1986, suggests that private life of Alexander Herzen may be described as a “story of unconstrained sexuality”. Although, some may try and approach this story in a different way, bringing lucidity to the notion that Alexander Herzen was a well-off Russian poitical and spiritual leader of the 19th century, supporter and sponsor of free spirited vagabonds, and a very rich individual, successful in multiplying his assets, thanks to the sound advice from The House of Rothschild.
My story is about transparency of human boundaries, about loneliness surmounted by futile efforts to test the fragility of intimate relationships as a given condition in a transcendent experience. From sadly pessimistic days bygone speaks to us a homeward angel who was never able to cast a second look at home he had left behind. The story of all forgotten faces and obscure ways to find balance or perhaps harmony without losing precious touch with reality and historic context. The story that might even serve as a didactic material for the next generations..."


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