Tight deadlines. Competitive prices. Please refer to our Pricing page and contact us at 604-518-1321 or or for your quote.

Any level of technical difficulty: oil, gas, forestry, engineering, technologies; medical, scientific, economic texts. Books and published materials, any subject including fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Volume translations, Сomputer assisted translation (CAT)


Average output, to which minimum prices apply - 10 pages per day. Please contact us to request your quote and discuss specific requirements for large volume translations that have to be done within strict time frame.


English/Russian bilingual professionals with university degrees will commit to the purpose of your project with solid educational background, versatile experience and profound knowledge of terminology in different fields of science, technology, economics and arts.

Application of translation services:

  • Technical translation. No matter how technical in essence and form is the text, we will deliver the most accurate and comprehensive result.
  • Technology/Equipment. We translate dry texts with no references to the usage of terminology and make it comletely on par with the original, just as the author of the original would have intended it to be.
  • Legal translations. Reliable, accurate and confidential. Attention to details means that the original content is presented with the utmost precision. We were the first to translate the Constitution of Japan into Russian, so we understand the importance of precise terminology. Agreements or contracts, any type of legal documents.
  • Financial translations. Bank documents, financial statements, reports, business plans, financial analysis. We translate this kind of documents with profound understanding of the subject, because we have experience of writing financial documentation in source and target languages (Russian/English).
  • Web-site translation. We will translate your texts showcasing your uniqueness and goals.
  • Business translation. Translation of documentation, proposals, negotiations, correspondence. Accurate, fast, reliable, confudential.
  • Other translation. It could be magazine or newspaper articles, books, advertizing materials.
Please see some of our FAQs that may address some of your questions:
How much do you charge per page? 

The payment is agreed upon at the beginning of a translation project and reflecting in the final quote and the invoice that is based on the final quote. Our price for all kinds of regular text is $12 -15 per page (standard page is 300 words per page).



Note:  If the translation lines have to be inserted into the body of pictures, graphs, etc. we charge $15 per page (10-50 pages), unless it is a project of a certain volume (50 and more pages). In case of a volume project, where the source documents are submitted in a complex format, we charge $13 per page. Some discounts apply based on the specifics and volume of the translation order.


NOTE: special discounts apply for volume translation – 100 pages and more.

 If you have 1 or 2 pages of a translation document, the price is $20 per page of a regular text, and $25-35 if the text is a very high level of difficulty or comprehension, for example, is mostly written in strictly professional terminology (technical texts of academic level of difficulty, or is a handwritten text, or a text full of abbreviations, complex formatting etc.)

2-10 pages: we will negotiate the price in $13-$20 range, based on the nature of the text and special requirements.

What are the methods of payment and how can you describe the process of translation? 
First, we will give you the preliminary quote based on the general description of the document that you provide (details about the style of the text, number of pages and urgency of the translation). After you submit your text/texts for our evaluation, we will determine the exact price and the deadline for the completion of the translation and provide you with the final quote. The quote will show how much is the price per page and how many pages approximately you will have. Usually the source has fewer pages than the target, but the difference is not that big. The final quote is the base for the final invoice. Portions of your translation could be sent to you as they are being translated. After the final portion is submitted along with the invoice, and you confirm the recipience of the text/texts, the total amount estimated in the invoice will be charged to your credit card, and you will receive a paid in full invoice and payment receipt.
How fast could the document be translated? 
We start working on the project within 30 minutes after the order confirmation. The regular work output is 10 pages per day. Each standard page is 300 words. Urgent translations (up to 20 pages per day) are priced upon mutual agreement.  
Do you charge additional fee for proofreading and editing? 
No, we don't, however if the text has specific purposes, i.e. has to be edited for publishing, the maximum price in that category applies. 
Do you outsource the translations? 
No, we don't, the translations are done in-house, and we don't outsource nor the whole, neither any single part of your documents. 
How reliable are the translators? 
You could read about their credentials on our website and form your own opinion. Our translators are highly educated professionals in a true sense of these words, fluent in English and Russian; they have learnt/acquired knowledge/professional expertise in an academic environment with the highest standards of grammar and vocabulary usage, comprehension and interpretation of texts of any level of difficulty.  
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