Mitch Grigoriev

Interpreter, Translator, & Language Instructor: work experience, and education landmarks

2014 February; Sochi Olympic Games

russian japanese translator canadaWorked as a translator and coordinator for the Japanese Fuji TV corporation. It was truly a unique opportunity to get to Russia and attend the Games. Here are some pics. We took numerous interviews - spectators, athletes. We hunted for celebrities.

2012-present; Vancouver

Translating and interpreting for Encorp Pacific, British Columbia - - translator for recycling business. Translation at the Return-it depot in Pitt Meadows, i.e. on premises when depot is attended by Russian specialists -

2009 — 2012; Vancouver, & Russia

Interpreting negotiations; translating equipment documentation from the United States and Canada for Russian catering companies. Translating contracts.

2008 - 2010; Vancouver, & Russia

Working with Russian officials at the Olympic facilities in Vancouver and Whistler. Work at the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver. Personal interpreter for Mr. Novikov (responsible for security in Sochi).

2006 - 2009; Vancouver, Japan, Russia, United States

Working with Japanese businessmen: equipment supplies to oil industry. Trip to Calgary; negotiations with Cenovus ( - extracting oil from oil sands.

2007 - 2009, Vancouver

Work for the Japanese media (Fuji TV, NHK): providing research; taking care of crews.

2007, Vancouver

During one year interpreted on demand for a Russian businessman as a personal translator when he oped a restaurant in Vancouver:

2004 - 2006; Vancouver, trips inside Canada

Worked as an interpreter with the Japanese and Russian clients: mainly tourism. Translations between Russian, English and Japanese. Business immigration. Translation of business plans.

2002 - 2004, Vancouver

Taught the Japanese language and literature at the University of British Columbia as a sessional instructor. Did a number of translations for the university in engineering and humanities.

1998 - 2002, the United States, Indiana

One year internship at the University of Indiana in the United States. Attending classes at Japanese culture and literature. Occasional translations for Japanese and Russian clients.

1994 - 1998, Moscow, the former Soviet Union

Worked as a senior lecturer of Japanese language at IAAS MSU (Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University - Salaries were low, thus I had to work as an interpreter. Yet I enjoyed it more than teaching. At this time, my wife Yunona would substitute me at the University by tacit agreement with the chair's head. Those were probably the most exciting years of my work in capacity of an interpretor. With Japanese business people and mass media crews I visited almost all of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, as well as I was to Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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Russian Translator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Russian-English translation and interpreting

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