russian japanese interpretor vancouver canadaRussian-to-English/English-to-Russian interpreting.

Bilingual interpreters, fluent in English and Russian, with university degrees and diverse experience of working as translators/interpreters in English and non-English speaking countries.

We provide interpreting services for corporate clients and individuals during tours, sightseeing, conferences, seminars, business negotiations amd other settings in British Columbia, Canada.

Areas of expertise: business, commerce, technology, research, science, legal matters, medical issues, sports, culture, leisure. Specific areas: oil, gas, biotechnology, construction, architecture, forestry, industrial design and many other specific fields.

Private Interpretation involving one-on-one dialogue or conversation among parties on specific matters.

Business negotiations. We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting during business negotiations on various subjects in industrial, scientific, medical, cultural, economic, technical and technological fields. 

Conference Interpretation. For large international exchanges. This may involve simultaneous interpretation or consecutive interpreting. 

Seminar Interpretation. For smaller, less formal international exchanges. This may involve simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.

Note: we have 10+ years of experience of working at various conventions and conferences at Canada Place and BC Place in Vancouver, Canada.


Please contact us by calling 604-518-1321 or sending an e-mail to or to discuss your interpreting needs or to request a free quote. We respond immediately. 

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Russian Translator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Russian-English translation and interpreting

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